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Welcome to "The Long Hair World".

My Name : Tang Yong(hairworld)
Place of birth : China
Height : 1.83 m
Hair color : black
Hobbys : long hair, basket-ball,football,music, singing,internet,reading, traveling,thinking, writing.....


I was born in 1966 in Qing dao city.QingDao is a beautiful city of china.It near the sea.There are many foreign country buildings such as German,Japan,France,America here.The sailboat item of 2008 BeiJing Olimpic games will hold in my hometown----QingDao.Welcome to china.Welcome to QingDao.(my hometown----QingDao)

I like long hair.I like long hair
very much.When I was a little boy,I has touched a girl's beautiful long hair.I remembered the long hair is not only long but also thick,smooth,soft and bright.Maybe since then I begin to enjoy the long hair.

I like internet.I am very glad that find many long hair website and many long hair lover all over the world.In 2001,I build a long hair website named "The long hair World".Many long hair lovers give me more encourage and surpport. In 2004,I rebuild the website. I remember a little poem learned in boyhood: " Good better best.Never let it rest.Till good is better.And better best." We'll do it better to let the long hair world more beautiful. Your good advice please.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Tang Yong(hairworld)

hairworld@163.com or china5859@sina.com

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